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Stars of the City

Transamerica Pyramid Light Up Model- 3D Printed (First Edition)

Transamerica Pyramid Light Up Model- 3D Printed (First Edition)

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Transamerica Pyramid
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Built: 1972
Height: 853ft/260m
Floors: 48

15.5" Model Dimensions:
Height- 15.5"/39.4cm
Width- 3.25"/8.3cm
Length- 3.25"/8.3cm

The brightness level of the model is adjustable.

The length of the power cable is 2.5 feet/76cm.

The lights are powered via USB, and the model comes with a US wall adapter. 

The model is made of "PLA" 3D printer plastic. 

First Edition- this model is one of the starting 5 Stars of the City light up models, with many more to come.  There are bound to be changes and upgrades in the future, which is why this is marked as first edition. 

Patent pending

Original unedited 3D model credit:

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