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Memphis Pyramid Model- 3D Printed

Memphis Pyramid Model- 3D Printed

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Memphis Pyramid
Location: Memphis, TN
Built: 1991
Height: 322ft/98m

1.75" Model Dimensions (1:2208 scale)-
Height: 1.75in/4.4cm
Length: 3.75in/9.5cm
Width: 3.25in/8.3cm

4.25" Model Dimensions (1:909 scale)-
Height: 4.25in/10.8cm
Length: 8.5in/21.6cm
Width: 7.75in/19.7cm

5.5" Model Dimensions (1:703 scale)-
Height: 5.5in/14.0cm
Length: 11in/27.9cm
Width: 10in/25.4cm

Summary of Model Scales:
1.75in (0ft 1.8in)/4.4cm: (1:2208 scale)
4.25in (0ft 4.3in)/10.8cm: (1:909 scale)
5.5in (0ft 5.5in)/14.0cm: (1:703 scale)

The pictures shown are of the 1.75 inch model.

The final picture shows the 1.75in, 4.25in, and 5.5in models.

Only the largest (5.5 inch) model has the Bass Pro Shops logo.

Looking for a different color or size? Send me a message, and I may be able to accommodate.
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