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London Guarantee Building Model- 3D Printed

London Guarantee Building Model- 3D Printed

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London Guarantee Building
Location: Chicago, IL
Built: 1922
Height: 338ft/103m
Floors: 21

5.25" Model Dimensions (1:773 scale)-
Height: 5.25in/13.3cm
Length: 2.5in/6.4cm
Width: 2.5in/6.4cm

10.25" Model Dimensions (1:396 scale)-
Height: 10.25in/26.0cm
Length: 4.75in/12.1cm
Width: 4.75in/12.1cm

17.5" Model Dimensions (1:232 scale)-
Height: 17.5in/44.5cm
Length: 8.25in/21.0cm
Width: 8in/20.3cm

Summary of Model Scales:
5.25in (0ft 5.3in)/13.3cm: (1:773 scale)
10.25in (0ft 10.3in)/26.0cm: (1:396 scale)
17.5in (1ft 5.5in)/44.5cm: (1:232 scale)

The pictures shown are of the 5.25 inch model.

The final picture shows the 5.25in, 10.25in, and 17.5in models.

Looking for a different color or size? Send me a message, and I may be able to accommodate.
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