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Extra Large Twin Towers Model- 3D Printed

Extra Large Twin Towers Model- 3D Printed

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Twin Towers
Location: New York, NY
Built: 1973
Height: 1368ft/417m
Floors: 110

37" Model Dimensions
Height: 37"/940mm
Length: 4.75"/121mm
Width: 4.75"/121mm

52.5" Model Dimensions
Height: 52.5"/1334mm
Length: 6.75"/171mm
Width: 6.75"/171mm

Summary of Model Scales:
33in (2ft 9in)/83.8cm: (1:629 scale)
37in (3ft 1in)/94.0cm: (1:561 scale)
41.5in (3ft 5.5in)/105.4cm: (1:500 scale)
46in (3ft 10in)/116.8cm: (1:450 scale)
52.5in (4ft 4.5in)/133.4cm: (1:395 scale)

The models are made up of multiple pieces that interlock and do not require glue.

The pictures are of the 52.5" model. The final picture shows the 37" and 52.5" models.
The photos shown are of the silver color.

The antenna on the North Tower is removable as a square peg and square hole.

Take note that the height listed is to the top of the antenna on the North Tower.

Looking for a different color or size? Send me a message, and I may be able to accommodate.
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